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Out ‘A’ Order
A Supernatural Thriller

Newark, New Jersey's Central Ward is home to some of the most notorious, ruthless thugs alive. It's also home to citizens who are struggling to have a better way of life. Citizens trying for a second chance, like ex-convict Shannon Davenport, whose eight-year-old daughter Jasmine is the light of his life. But when Jasmine is cut down by a sniper's bullet, Shannon vows to find his daughter's killer . . . But Jasmine is not just another innocent casualty in the world of gang warfare. There's something more sinister than Shannon can possibly imagine. A legendary curse cloaks the Ward in an invisible shroud, poisoning its residents, destroying their minds-and their souls . . . As Shannon's obsessive search for his daughter's real killer drives him to the edge of insanity, an evil spirit remains loose-and those who die young, escaping with their souls, are the lucky ones . . .

Evie Rhodes is the author of Expired, Criss Cross, Out "A" Order, and The Forgotten Spirit; an award-winning songwriter;and a music video scriptwriter. She wrote "Standing in da Spirit", which won a Canadian Music Award for Best Gospel Album, and scripted "Changed", which won for Best Gospel Music Video. Her musical contributions are aired on radio and television in the U.S. and in 168 countries around the globe. Evie has been interviewed and showcased in numerous television, radio, and print media features, and has been a featured writer in The Gospel Magazine.

Evie Rhodes

Evie RhodesYou can write the author at:

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Out 'A' Order by Evie Rhodes

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